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What Clients Say

Why work with Us.

Here at boardsi, we pride ourselves in being a solution that's encompassing. We want to be the bridge between modern companies and advisory solutions, hence, we've instilled a number of strategies that will help bring accommodating solutions to companies irrespective of size and niche.

Our Mission.

We intend to be the company that executives are looking for to help revolutionize their businesses and set them on the path towards working in the Advisory role. We want to be a solution to all levels of businesses, hence we will gladly reach out to executives, irrespective of the size of their businesses.

What we Do.

In pursuit of our goals, we have assembled a team of highly motivated people to put hands on deck on ensuring that we are not only able to create a business society that favors all sizes of businesses, but that we are also able to sustain it. Each member of our team is trained and operates with the same goal, client success.

We work closely with the executives while matching them with the company seeking their skills.

As a group that is focused on assisting to create an environment that favors the advancement of businesses, we started to be the link that will connect business executives with their goals.

As it seems, the present business world favors only the biggest and most financially lucrative companies to get the benefits that are promised by executive advisors and other advisory bodies, of course at the expense of smaller and upcoming businesses. This has joined with other factors to further widen the gap between big and small businesses, leaving the people that occupy executive board positions in the small companies with little options to explore and grow their businesses. In a bid to bridge this widening gap and to provide an equal playing field, we started in 2016, with a sole priority of assisting executives to establish the vital relationships that is needed to form their companies and get their careers started.

Our passion to redefine the present system of seeking professional advisory, as well as to revolutionize how executives join forces in pursuit of common goals, is what drove us to start boardsi. We aim to alter the current ways of forming business relationships, as well as fast track new ways that will ease the relationship between businesses and executives.